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Volt Group! / Exalted:Tale of The Visiting Flare

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 18, 2014, 6:09 PM
So i decided to create a group for my comic "Volt" as a motivator to keep me focused on it and update more often.
There i'll be posting more stuff on it like concept art or little fun contests,fun stuff!.A little barren there at the moment,but bear with me as i try to get the ball rolling,got so much work lately...
Feel free to join if you're interested,i appreciate all the interest i've gotten from you guys and girls and the support! :iconheavymetal-volt:
I recently worked on a new Exalted comic book,written by the awesome Jim Zub :iconzubby: ,great colors by Melissa Lee :iconlanmana: and lines by me.
Head on right here if you're interested in purchasing a copy:…
Rock On \m/
Many thanks to Gergo Vas for featuring my art on Kotaku!…



Lionheart Tactics is finally available worldwide,its free so go ahead and give it a try:…
So far on IOS only,but an Android version will be released soon.
For those who don't know(probably all of you),i did all the 2D art in the game and did the majority of the character and enemy designs.
Android version out soon.

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all work and no fun.

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 11:38 AM
There's a severe lack of art from me lately,i blame work.too much work.Also working on side projects ,one of which i m not allowed to talk about yet,but its a damn fun one.
Time to fix all that and get back to it.will have some fun things up again very soon \m/

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Lionheart Tactics !

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 16, 2013, 4:38 PM
So the game i ve been working on since day one with Emerald City Games is finally out.All the story art and character portraits were drawn by me.I was also in charge of most of the character designs.
Only available in Canada,Australia and New Zealand for now,once its out in other regions i will let you know.
If you're into tactics games like Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics,please check out Lionheart Tactics.It's totally free too!
So far its only available on IOS,an Android version should come out eventually.
Hope you'll have fun! \m/

Here's the Itunes page:…

And here you can check out the trailer:…

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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 29, 2013, 10:11 AM
Hey everyone!
Haven t been on here in a while,its been a few weeks...
I've been working non stop ever since i arrived in Vancouver and spending most of my free time looking for a place to rent.Once i settle in i ll be able to upload stuff again.
That game we ve been working for a long time now is almost out.I can t wait for you guys to play it!
Talk to you later and rock on \m/

So i'm going to start uploading on my tumblr account,feel free to follow me there if you want!


Check out these amazing game soundtrack remixes from my buddy Christophe at CarboHydroM! You can contact Christophe if you're interested in hiring him to create soundtracks.
Here's his site! :

My favorite tracks: (from Thunder Force V and VI)…
                            (Dragon Warrior 2 end credits)…


You can find me on facebook under…

I appreciate all the recent comments and support,you guys and girls rock \m/

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